The Issues

"America is 330 million amazing people STRONG and we have everything we need to work together to build local, state and a national Community of economic, social and political EXCELLENCE!"

Economy and Jobs

The purpose of a free market economy is to enable citizens to lift themselves out of poverty and to raise their standard of living ever higher.

I support a successful economy that prioritizes increasing jobs and giving relief to hard-working Americans through

• tax cuts

• eliminating unnecessary job-killing regulations

• creating free, fair and reciprocal trade deals that protect American workers

• opposing unfair trade practices that undermine national security and harm our industries

• supporting the economic empowerment of women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans and any group that is marginalized.

Government Accountability

For far too long, the crime and corruption in Washington has compromised our great Republic, our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, our Freedoms, our values and our ability to prosper.

Those who have sought to subvert Truth, Justice and the American Dream must be routed out and held accountable.

Our Government exists by and for the people, to serve the needs of all Americans, to empower and protect citizens; to preserve and manage our shared resources; to insure
equality and equal opportunity for all.


We are a nation of immigrants who value diversity for its ability to build connection with others, to feel compassion for our fellow human beings, to maximize our potential to be creative, innovative problem-solvers with unlimited potential.

I support the welcoming of immigrants who have followed our laws of immigration and entered the United States legally.

Health Care

It is imperative to reform the health care system in the United States to improve access to affordable, quality health care and to lower the cost of prescription drugs for all Americans.


Given our national scores and our global standings, I support having CHOICES in educating our children, including public education, private schools, vouchers, charter schools, and homeschooling.


The best way we can honor our veterans who served proudly and selflessly, and show our gratitude, is by providing them with our best physical and mental health care, and by making sure they have every opportunity and resource needed to thrive and flourish when returning to civilian life.

National Defense and Security

Stability, security and protection are vital to our country and to our interests. It is crucial to maintain a fully built and modern military capable of asserting sovereignty over our borders, defeating terrorists, and confronting rogue nations.

Land and Agriculture

Americans living in rural communities must have the support and resources necessary to develop methods to create and sustain a rural workforce, as well as to have access to technological innovation in their rural communities, and to focus on economic development in their local areas.

Energy and Environment

The United States of America holds an unlimited store of power in its many citizens who are creative, innovative and enterprising.

Any and all old rules and regulations that restrict or stifle our capability to produce new, safe, and sustainable technology to meet our energy needs should be eliminated.

Any and all policies that would unleash our vast potential and ability to launch new, safe and sustainable technology should be enacted.

Infrastructure and Technology

To ensure a safe and better quality of life for all Americans, and to increase our economic opportunity, there needs to be made available a broad range of infrastructure assets:

  • Transportation projects which will rebuild roads, bridges, railways, and other vital infrastructure.
  • Broadband projects that will improve access for rural communities.
  • Water and waste Projects that will ensure families have access to clean water and proper waste removal
  • Power and electric projects to ensure all areas have reliable and affordable power.
  • Water resources projects that will improve the management of flood risk, water supplies and waterways.

Social Programs

Drug addiction and opioid abuse are a nationwide Public Health Emergency. In response the Department of Health and Human Services has developed a comprehensive five-point plan to address and combat this crisis.

The Trump Administration continues to provide funding to every state for prevention and treatment.

In addition, the Department of Justice is cracking down on doctors and medical facilities who write unnecessary opioid prescriptions further increasing the drug crisis.

Fentanyl substances are now a class of drugs under the Controlled Substances Act. Anyone who possesses, distributes, manufactures or imports illicit fentanyl substances is subject to criminal prosecution similar to other controlled substances.