About Mary

"Strong Communities make for a strong nation"

A Bit About Me...

Since a very young age I have cared deeply about the quality of life for others. I was that child in the school library reading every biography about the pioneer women who helped build our young nation, who shared a strong vision and an unrelenting persistence. I was that kid from a large family, sitting around the dinner table talking about the challenges in the world, never shrinking from our heated discussions about how to solve them. I was that teenager at slumber parties who, while others were painting their nails and talking about cute boys, was in the corner talking about how we are created equal and that we have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
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My Life's Path...

I grew up to earn a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University and was a certified mediator in the General District Court of Virginia. I have a B.S. degree in Mental Health Counseling from Georgia State University.

I am a published author, writer, journalist and columnist focusing on social, political, and family issues.

I have spent my life working in a broad base of experiences in health and human services, developing and leading programs that build communities, improve lives, and empower others to become their best, highest expression of what it means to be human.

I develop and lead programs that build partnerships between businesses, local government and agencies, schools, faith communities, the Media, Arts Organizations, Philanthropists, and ordinary, caring citizens.

I am working with various groups and organizations across Virginia to organize, supply and support the enforcement of our Constitution and to oversee our elected public government servants to ensure that they uphold our Constitution.

I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have six children, four grandchildren and two orange tabby cats.

Let's Face It...

Today we see that our country and our world are in the midst of a great turmoil that is rocking the very foundations of our society and shaking us to the very core of who we are as individuals and collectively, as citizens.

Our Republic, our rights and our Constitution are being threatened by a gang of elitist criminals out of DC, marauding through our country with the agenda to destroy it; and collapse our Sovereign Prerogative and Inalienable Rights to live freely and govern ourselves.

This chaos is intentionally perpetrated upon us by this Mafiosa and is causing a great crisis among so very many of us. We are struggling with being divided and pitted against each other. We are living through the devastation of having lost family and friends. We are in pain, suffering, struggling with fear and grief and not knowing what to do to make it stop.

A Turning Point...

When I came to realize that for better or worse, we are inescapably interconnected—politically, socially, economically, environmentally, and technologically—I realized that, like in no other time in our history, we need new skills and tools, new innovative approaches to meet these challenges we now face in our communities, our nation and in our relationship with the rest of the world.

The great turmoil that is rocking the very foundation of our society can instead become a turning point—a great transition—for us as individuals, and as a collective of We The People.  We have it in us to gather the same courage and determination of our founding fathers and mothers to step up, find each other, come together, and take swift, decisive action to course-correct this dangerous path that is causing us so many tears and so much trouble.

U.S. Senate Campaign...

I am running for the U. S. Senate as a Republican to Empower People to enforce our Constitution and to restore our Liberty. I am running for the U.S. Senate as a Republican to cause a swift and gentle correction to our current and unsafe path, and to bring about positive, healthy, safe and sustainable change. I am running for the U.S. Senate as a Republican to build strong Communities where people are healthy, educated and able to take care of themselves and their families. My life’s work, education and experience will enable me to successfully and skillfully meet the challenges of our Republic and our world head on and find ways to resolve them. As a woman and a mother, I feel a deep sense of protection and responsibility to ensure the successful, happy and prosperous lives of my family, my neighbors, my community, my fellow citizens, and our connection with the rest of the world. As a citizen of the United States of America, I feel a deep love for this country, what it stands for, and a determination to preserve our Constitution, our achievements, our hopes, dreams and vision. Join me.